Young Moms in KZN & a small favour

Well done to Michelle Roberts on her first successful Young Moms Support group meeting in Pinetown.

So proud of you, keep it up and it will grow, you’ll see.

Check out Michelle’s pics on the group’s Facebook page here:


Also, the next Young Moms meeting in Fish Hoek is :

Sat 16 April 10h30 – 12h30

All young moms are welcome.

Then, I have 3 things to ask of you lovely humans:

1. We’re especially wanting to encourage the very youngest moms to join – those young girls who might not have the resources or confidence to reach out to a stranger for help on their own.

We need help to find those moms in the community.

If you have ideas on how we can do this, please drop me a line and let me know.

2. Am starting to give some thought to growing the group into other areas – we’ve started very local and small but it’s not enough. World domination blueprints most welcome!

3. The biggest one: We need to get our message and our name out there. We want to be famous! We need the community, the country, the whole damn world to know what we’re doing and that it’s important. So we need people with VOICES to talk about us. Online, at work, school, radio, TV, newspapers – wherever. We need YOUR voice to add to ours. Are youm loud and talkative? Do you have gazillions of Twitter followers or FB friends or actual real humanoid friends who will listen when you talk? Tell them about us, please.

Thank you darlings.





Sneaky pics

Sneaky old Conor pics. Been expressly forbidden by Layla to post any baby pics of her. But she graciously allowed me to go wild with Conor’s photos. And…… go!